Retargeting FAQs and Overview

A simple guide to retargeting

The Basics

Retargeting allows you to track all users that view one of your marketing pieces (or your website if you place the retargeting code there), and find those users across almost any site on the web. By building a retargeting list or “audience” of users who have engaged with your marketing, you can create powerful customized campaigns, tailored to those specific users, and which will only be seen by those users.

Primary Advantages of Retargeting:

  1. Brand Recognition — Users who recognize your brand will now see your advertisements displayed across thousands of websites, creating the impression of a large-scale advertising campaign, but for a fraction of the budget.
  2. Cost Effectiveness — The highly targeted nature of retargeting requires us to pay higher-than-normal CPM prices compared to broadly targeted campaigns. However, due to the relatively limited size of audiences, overall costs are generally lower, while campaign performance is typically higher.
  3. Behavioral Targeting — You are creating a campaign that only target users who fall into certain behavioral groups- those that have shown and interest in and engaged with your marketing materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most common questions that we get from our users.

Q: How do I sign up for retargeting?

A: To get signed up, first log in to your rezora account, hover your mouse over 'Marketing Materials' and select 'Retargeting Campaigns'. From there, click on Create a Campaign, then choose the appropriate subscription type.

Q: Can I add users that visit my web site into my retargeting audience?

A: Yes! Contact us at and we will provide you with the code you need to add to your site to accomplish this.

Q: Who cannot be tracked with retargeting?

A: Users who have cookies disabled cannot be tracked using retargeting. In addition, users who were being tracked, but subsequently erased their cookies, will no longer be tracked, unless they revisit your website and receive a new cookie.

Q: How long does my campaign run?

A: Your campaign will run and your audience will see your ads as long as your retargeting subscription is active.

Q: Can you explain the data I receive in my retargeting report?

A: The following information is currently provided to you via email on a monthly basis:

  1. List of Sites — This downloadable file is a list of all the websites where your display ads were seen over the course of the past month. They may have been seen more than once at any one of these sites, but they were seen at least once.
  2. Impressions — This is the total number of times your display ads were seen across all web sites over the course of the prior month.
  3. Clicks — This is the number of times a user clicked on one of your display ads and was redirected back to your web site.
  4. Click Through Rate (CTR)  This is the number you should be paying most attention to. This is the percentage of users who saw your display ads that clicked on them. The industry average for retargeting display ads is 0.1%. For traditional display advertising where you randomly purchase ad space, the average CTR is 0.01%.

Q. How can I increase these numbers?

A. The best way to increase your impressions is to grow your client database. This will result in a larger audience and more clicks (assuming your CTR remains steady). That said, quality is key - purchased lists are not allowed per our anti-spam policy and will get your account suspended. Besides, the quality of those lists will cause your numbers (and reputation) to plummet.

Q. Why are my numbers all at 0?

A. In order to create an audience and thereby start having your ads delivered, you must first distribute some marketing materials through the rezora system via email, social networks or an online link. Until then your audience is empty and your performance is all for naught. So wait no longer, go create a marketing piece and get it out to your clients now!

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