Day 1

Welcome to rezora!

We are so excited that you chose rezora as your marketing platform, and we can’t wait to see that amazing things that you create in rezora. Please follow our step by step implementation guide as you begin your journey with rezora. Following each step will make sure that everything goes smoothly for you and your agents.

The implementation process requires a lot of hard work on your end. The more that your company invests in learning and training in the beginning, the more success you will have with rezora. Please include everyone on your team that will be using rezora. Thanks!

Before we build your site, please double check that you have sent the following to us:

  • Official Company Name
  • Company Address for CanSpam policies
  • Name and Email Address of the points of contact at your company
  • Market Report County
  • This is the county Altos will provide data for; please indicate which county you would like. One county of data is included in your package.
  • All logo les (EPS les preferred)
  • Your brand’s RGB or HEX number values for color
  • Please provide us with your contact at your MLS(s), so we can set up rezora as a vendor. Depending on the MLS, this process can take anywhere from 1 day to 60 days.

After we build your site, we will provide you with the login credentials for the site. We’ll give you a quick overview of the site. Then, it’s your turn to get acquainted with the site!

Meet the Team

We believe that digital marketing technology should be scalable, smart and practical. Because information is so readily available, the challenge then becomes enabling our clients to re ect their uniqueness while offering relevant and useful information in an already information-saturated digital environment. Our mission is to provide solutions that help our clients interact in the digital marketing world effectively, intelligently and with style!


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