Day 12

During your first 30 days with rezora, you can schedule calls with your account manager to discuss your account setup and train your staff and agents.

Please complete each of these during Implementation to get the most out of your setup support calls.

1. Login to the Demo Agent account. Go to my Account > Account and Profile Settings. Add a profile picture.

2. In the profile, check the box “allow marketer access,” so you can assume the demo agent’s identity from the Company Admin account.


3. In the profile, add a social media link to the Online links section. Save!

4. Go to Contacts > Add Individual Contact. Add your own contact information. Save! Click Supercharge Contact! Read this related How To Guide. 

5. Go to Contacts -> Import/Update Contacts from Outlook CSV file. Click on the blue text to download a blank Outlook CSV file. Open the file. Add a contact, perhaps a trusted colleague or your mom/ sister/ husband. Save the CSV. Attach the le and click Import File! Make sure that the contact is now in the Master list of Contacts. (Contacts -> Manage Contacts and Lists). Read this related How To Guide. 


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