Day 18

Login to the Company Admin account. Go to Settings > Company Settings > RSS News Feeds.


Check some boxes for interesting feeds that you know your agents will enjoy marketing. Each feed you include has to be retrieved from the source web site each time they are displayed on the site. Adding too many feeds can result in very slow page load times. Because each feed is different, there is no definitive limit, but as a rough guide line, consider adding no more than ten feeds in each category. If you experience slow load times for pages that display the news feeds, consider removing some.

Scroll down to Local Feeds. Add your City and State. You can add multiple cities. This way, your agents can pull local news stories into their templates with spaces for news articles. 

Click Add New Feed!

You can go to Sales Agents -> search for the Demo Agent. Then, assume identity. You are now in an agent account. Go to Marketing Material -> Create New Marketing Piece. Select a template with News articles. Add local news articles to your piece. 


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