Day 29

Resources Recap!

In order to stay current on rezora new features and best practices, it’s imperative that you and your marketing team are aware of all of our resources for you!

Resources page: This page has How To’s, Best Practices, Training Videos, Links to our Upcoming Webinars and more. Bookmark this baby if you haven’t already. 

Webinars: Links can be found on the aforementioned resources page. These are free recurring webinars that we use as a platform to discuss new features and give an over- view of the site. We include a live Q&A session at the end of our webinars.

Support: Click on the green help tab to live chat with us between 9-5pm MST Mon- Fri. You can email for support. Marketer emails are a priority over agent emails. 

Knowledge Base: Everything that you could think to ask us is probably in here!

rezora Blog: Join 10,000 fellow marketers in receiving tips, updates and best practices from the rezora blog.

Marketer’s Only Blog: Subscribe for updates! Join an exclusive list of your peers in receiving instant news, tips and best practices. 

Marketer’s Only Secret Facebook Group: Email to request an invite.

Marketer’s Only Slack Team: Slack with us in real time. 

Monthly Newsetter: Subscribe!

Request New Features: Share your best ideas with the rezora product team! Submit that outstanding idea you had in the shower this morning or vote on other’s ideas. Who knows, your idea could be part of our next big release!

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