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If you don't already have a graphic designer on staff, then we recommend contracting a graphic designer to create some templates for your company. Using a seasoned graphic designer helps unify your brand and build your set of beautiful templates. In our experience, designers are also great at working within the template builder to create beautiful templates. 

Please find a graphic designer that can create email designs. HTML is a bonus. We prefer layered PSD files with a layer of instructions. Indesign files and PDFs with live text are also acceptable. 

rezora recommended designers:

Joe Averett
Marketing Services, Graphic Design, and more. 
Get your MOJO back! Marketing Services available 
MOJO, Contact

Melissa Whitaker
Copy Writing, Graphic Design, Consulting, and more. 
Two Heads Media,

Kate Reinarz (rezora's very own) 
Graphic Design, Custom Template Design
Alessandra Hopfinger
Graphic Design, Print, Services
Aesthetic Branding
See her recommendations for: Email Design Trends

Allison Burgund

Graphic Design Services

If you use your own graphic designer, please share our Template Order Guide!

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