How can I as a Group Admin schedule pieces on behalf of my agents?


Within your Group Admin account,

  • Head to 'Marketing Pieces', and click 'Create New Marketing Piece'.

  • Select a template, and continue through the process filling out all of the content. The end result will be fully static, so make sure all the content is finalized.
  • Publish this piece; which will generate a new 'static template'. This is restricted by default, so we need to give a 'group' access to it.

  • Give access to a group by hovering over 'Marketing Pieces', and selecting 'Manage Group Access'. Then, find the piece on the right, and drag over the appropriate group from the left. This group now has access to this piece, but we're not quite done yet.
  • Head to the 'Templates' page and find the template in question. Then, give the template a Subject Line, and Expiration Date. This fully activates the template, and at this point agents will be able to send this independently. BUT, if we want to schedule it on their behalf, continue to the next step.

  • Add a Scheduled date/time. Once that is added, any agents within the group that was given access will automatically be included in this scheduled piece. This scheduled piece will be sent to any contacts in their Primary Sphere list (or not sent at all if this list is empty in their account). Agents can opt out of these manually from their own 'Marketing Materials' page.
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