How to I create a template and schedule it on behalf of 1 agent?

1. Log in to the Company Admin account. 

2. Create a template.


3. Create the template for this agent. 


4. Publish the template when you're done. 


5. Click on Templates -> Management and Reporting. Make sure the template that you just made is restricted. 


6. Go to Marketing Materials -> Manage Restricted Access -> Manage Agent Access


7. Find the template on the right and the agent on the left. Drag the agent into the template from the left to the right. Now, only that agent has access to this template. This is the original template. Now, we're going to create a static version of this template to schedule on behalf of Sara Fitz. 


8. Click on the tab Marketing Pieces, select the template that you just created. 


Go through the steps to build the piece. You can only schedule static pieces from the Company Admin account. Publish the Marketing Piece. 


It is now a Template (a static version of the original template). Then, go to Templates ->Management and Reporting and click on the template title. Make sure the piece is restricted. Add a Subject line, expiration date, schedule a date and time.


Repeat steps 6 and 7 to give the agent access to this scheduled version of the template.


Now, this piece is scheduled to go out to this agent's primary sphere of contacts. Go to Marketing Materials -> Management and Scheduling. Click on Projection to see how many contacts this piece will be going out to for the agent. 


9. Of course, it's important to go to Marketing Materials -> click on this template and run an inbox preview to make sure that it looks good.

10. You can also assume this agent's identity to send the marketing piece as a test and/ or to specific lists. In order to assume an agent's identity, he/she needs to have checked the box "Allow Marketer Access" in their profile. To assume an agent's identity, please go to Sales Agents -> Agent Accounts, find the agent, and click Assume Identity


While you're in the agent's account, double check on the recipient list on their Marketing Materials page. You can see here that there were no contacts in her primary sphere. After I added one, it appeared on the marketing materials page when clicking on Projection


11. Then, you can send a test email to that agent and to lists of contacts. To do this, go to Marketing Materials, select the new template,


follow the steps to complete your marketing piece, send test email, select email recipients, and drag and drop contacts or lists up to the red box. You can send now or schedule for later!



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