How can I create a Custom Section

You can build your own sections. To create a new section, please go to Templates >> Manage Sections >> Create New Section.


To add your logo to a section, first add an image. Then, check the box Dynamic Image, and select the logo from the dropdown list of sources. 


To link the image, click on the the ## button next to URL to select from the dropdown. Or, type the URL in the blank space that you wish to link to. i.e.


A dynamic image in a section can be an agent photo or a company logo! To change the size of an image, click on the image to select it, go to desktop styles, and reduce the width %. Or, click on Toggle Width Units. Then, you can adjust the size of the logo with pixels. For reference, the standard email template width is 600px wide on a desktop. 


To change the background color of your section, click on the tab Section. Under desktop styles, use the color picker in the background color field. 


To adjust the number of columns in the section, click on section layout. 


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