Custom Display Ad

In the company admin account, go to Templates -> Create New Template. 

1. Select Display Ad from the drop down menu and select a size.


2. Click Create Template. 

3. Drag the Blocks into the template that you wish to use. 

4. To add an image, drag the Image in from the Blocks list into the display ad. Click on the image block. Click the icon next to Source and upload your image or select from the ones already uploaded. To resize the image, click on the image to select it. Go to Desktop Styles on the left. Adjust the pixels. Keep the box checked to preserve the aspect ratio. 


5. To change the rectangle color and size, select the shape to select it. Click on desktop styles. Then, adjust the pixels, background color, and opacity on the left. 


6. You can also add agent profile photos and logos, by adding an image and checking the box Dynamic. Select the Agent Profile or Company Logo from the drop down. 

7. To add dynamic content, add a message area. Select Insert -> Insert Basic Hashtag. Select the hashtag and adjust the font, style, etc. just like any other text. 

8. To move a block forward or back, click on it to select it. Then, click Bring Forward or Bring Backward until it's right where you want it. 


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