Why can't I upload my image?

Wrong Folder/Read Only Mode

Take a look at the top left of the File Manager, if you see text saying "READ ONLY" or if you get a "no" sign when hovering over the upload button, you may be in the wrong folder.


Click the home.png (home) button to reach the general File Manager area, then look for and click the My Files folder. Once you're in the My Files folder, you should be able to click the "Upload" button to add your image.




Image Too Large/File Size Issue

On occasion, some folks will see issues uploading due to the file size of the image itself. If an image is larger than 5MB, you may run into issues uploading it to your account. In this case, we recommend resizing the photo down to reduce the file size.

We recommend keeping files to at or below 1MB in file size for best deliverability, though we can accept images that are larger than that. 

Remember, all marketing pieces will be below 900 pixels in width, so having an image wider than that won't increase the visual fidelity at all for your contacts. Keeping an image at a smaller size will reduce the overall file size and help ensure that your images display for your contacts who have a spotty internet connection. 


Still having trouble?

Reach out to us at! We'd be happy to dig a little deeper. If you could, please include some detail as to where you are seeing the specific issue and send over the image in question. 

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