Video: Review of the updated Marketing Pieces page

NOTE: The Marketing Pieces page has been re-titled Lead Nurture. This information is still up to date otherwise!

In this video, we cover the changes to the newly updated Marketing Pieces page. You'll see the new tabbed layout and some of the new options available to you.






This is Danny from rezora and I am here to tell you about the updated Marketing Pieces page.

We've changed up the page itself within agent accounts so you'll see some new options and an updated tabbed layout when you are looking at your marketing pieces.

When you click "Marketing Pieces" you'll land on the "Scheduled" tab. On this page, you can review your upcoming sends easily. If you scheduled the piece yourself, you'll see buttons that allow you to send the piece right away or (send now) - cancel a scheduled piece, and copy or view that scheduled piece.

For company scheduled sends, you'll see clearly whether or not you are currently opted-in to that send. You can easily opt-in or out by clicking this toggle. Since your company schedules the send time, you'll not be able to change that, but you can view the recipients' list and view the piece.

Another thing you'll notice on this page is the pagination. We've put some work in to make sure you don't endlessly have to scroll to see relevant information. You can view pieces 10 or 25 at a time, and in cases where you have more than 10 or 25 pieces, page through the scheduled pieces. We've even added the ability to search for a piece by subject line.

Next, we'll head over to the Started tab. We've made similar updates to this page here. No more endless scroll, instead you can page through your marketing pieces. You can also search by subject line of the marketing pieces.  We're tracking new data, "Last Edited". Click this sortable option to resort pieces based on when they were edited so you can find the piece you working on most recently.

You'll see some familiar options here as well. "Mark as Completed" will push the piece over to the "history" page without a full send. Also, "Delete" will work as you'd expect for marketing pieces that aren't tracking any data yet. We have also added a "copy" button so you can now copy a started piece without needing to send it first.

Finally, we'll head over to the History tab. This is what we would have previously considered the "Completed Marketing Pieces" section. The abilities you'll have on this page closely match what you would have seen before, with some small updates.

To see the piece itself you can click the name of a past sent piece, click the thumbnail or click the "view" button.

"Results" takes you to a page with details on the send and some handy graphs.

The copy button does exactly as you'd think. If you have access to the original template used to create the marketing piece, you'll see the copy button in blue and you can click it to create a new version of the piece. If the copy button is greyed out, you'll see a little message reminding you that you do not have access to that template anymore.

The final change you'll see here is a bit of a change to the way you see your Opens and Clicks. Instead of representing them as a flat count, we now calculate them as a percentage so you don't have to do any mental math there. You can see the exact count by clicking "Result" and you can also view specific details by clicking on the blue percentage.

That is the in-depth overview of the updates and changes we've made to our Marketing Pieces page here at rezora. Our goal was to make it much easier to find a specific piece and take action with it.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at!

Thank you.

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