How do I add contacts from excel?

If you have all of your contacts in excel, you will just need to change the formatting slightly to be able import your list into rezora. You will need to change your excel file into our sample outlook csv file format (this does not mean that you need to have Outlook, rather this just denotes that the file has very distinct headers, so please keep them that way). I know this process might sound a bit advanced, but trust me you can do it!


To start, please download a copy of our blank outlook csv file by going to the Contacts tab, clicking “Import/Update Contacts” and select “From an Outlook CSV File”. This brings you to a new page. In the step one box, please click on the blue link to download your own sample file.


You are now ready for the fun part. Please open up your excel file and our sample outlook csv file. Start on your excel file and decide which column you would like to copy to then paste on the sample file. So for example you might want to start with the email address column. Please go to the last email address in your excel file, click and highlight the row being careful not to highlight the title of your column. Once the row is highlighted, please click Edit and then select to copy. Next, open up the sample outlook csv file. Please click right below the column that says “E-mail Address”. Click Edit again, but this time select to paste the information. Repeat this copy and paste project until you have all of the information that you would like to import into rezora on your sample outlook csv file.


You will need to go to File and click Save As. Then, please select “Comma Separated (.csv) File” from the format drop down menu.


Now you are ready to import your newly and fabulously formatted csv file. To import your file please go to the Contacts tab in your rezora Account, click “Import/ Update Contacts” and then select “From an Outlook CSV File”.  This brings you to a new page. Please select your file, choose a distribution list from the drop down menu (not required), select to overwrite or keep existing contacts (usually overwrite is suggested), take a deep breath, and then click import.

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