What are Company Spheres?

When your company's Marketer (admin) schedules a marketing piece to be sent, they will choose a 'company sphere' to send the piece to. Each contact you have in that Sphere will receive it unless you have previously opted out of that specific marketing piece. The Primary Sphere is the default Sphere that is available in all accounts, however your admin may setup additional spheres to better segment content to more appropriate groups of contacts.

Adding Contacts to your Primary or other Spheres:

  1. While on the Contacts >> Manage Contacts & Lists page, first click on the "Sphere" list to open it.

  2. Find Contacts in your "Contacts" list on the left and drag them into the red rectangle on the right (NOTE that you can also add contacts to your Spheres when you initially upload them by simply selecting that distribution list during the import process).

 Removing Contacts from your Sphere:

  1. Removing contacts from a Sphere is also simple, just locate the contact you wish to remove from that list and click the "Remove" link to the right of their name (NOTE that this does not remove the contact from your overall list of contacts - it just removes them from this particular distribution list).
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