How do I export my contacts?

Wondering how to export your contacts out of rezora so you can use them elsewhere? Easy as pie!


On the Contacts page there is a button that says Options at the top of the contacts list. Click on that button and half way down you will see "Export All XXX Contacts".  Click that option and you will be on your way. Contacts are exported into an Outlook CSV file which is compatible with most systems.

Exporting Subsets of contacts or Distribution Lists

Want to only export a subset of contacts? Or just those in a particular Distribution List? You're in luck!


Using the search box, find those contacts that you want to export. Once your resulting list has come up, go to the Options button and do as before.

For a Distribution List, click on the Distribution List from the right that you want to export. When the list has expanded and you are seeing the list of contacts that are in that list, you can use the Options button at the top of that list and export away.


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