How do I create a print piece?

1.) To start you are going to want to go to the “Marketing Materials” page and click “Create a New Marketing Piece”.

2.) This brings you to a new page where you see all available templates on the right and filters by which you can search on the left.

3.) On the left side of the page in the box of filter titled “Select a Template” please check the “PDF” template box. Then, click the more button at the bottom right corner of the “Select a Template Box” and slide the filter bars to the right under each section to further narrow down the templates.

4.) Select your template by clicking on the image of the template. You are now ready to get started!

5.) Go through the steps on the right. To start add your “General Content”, this is usually your subject line/title. Then click through the next steps, so usually that’s adding property listings, articles, or adding in your own message.

6) After you've added in an image through drag and drop (so a listing for example) click “Save and Continue” to move to the next step. In this step it will let you know if there is “Image Distortion Detected”.  This “Image Distortion” box will give you the “current” dimensions of your image and the “optimal” dimensions for your image. These dimensions are based on the optimal size/width for print. You can choose to either take this advice, or be brave and ignore this warning.

7.) If your image is not the optimal size, you are going to have to create a custom copy of your listing. (Side note: to create a custom copy of a listing, please go to the My Account tab, and choose the My Listings selection. This will bring you to a page where you can view all of your listings. You will notice, below each listing is a blue button that says “Create a Custom Copy”.  Click on that button, and you are on your way to creating a custom copy of your listing. Make all the changes you wish, and then remember to save your changes. After you’ve created your custom copy this listing will be available for you to drag and drop into your marketing piece. Please just make sure you select “custom” from the drop down menu in the “Add Property Listings” section.)

8.) After you have made all changes you want, whether that is listening to or ignoring the “Image Distortion” warning, you are ready to review your PDF friendly marketing piece. Click Review and admire your marketing piece and make any wanted or necessary changes.

9.) Move right along to the “Distribute” step. Under the PDF option you will want to first set your desired dimensions. By default this is set to 11 x 8.5. You change the scale by selecting a different percentage from the drop down menu.

10.) Once you are satisfied with the dimensions please click the “Create a Printable PDF” button. This opens up a new window which gives you three options: Download, Open, Open Document Manager.
Download: This will allow you to download the PDF and print the piece yourself.
Open: Opens your marketing piece in a window so you can see what it will look like
Open Document Manager: This will allow you to save your PDF template in your document manager in Rezora.

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