I would really love a “how-to” guide for creating a “Marketing Piece”!

To view as a (pretty!) pdf, click here for part one, part two, and part three.

I’m so excited that you would love a quick step by step guide on how to create a marketing piece. Please follow the directions below:


1.) From your “Marketing Materials” page, please click the blue link that says “Create a New Marketing Piece”.

2.) This brings you to a new page where you see all available templates on the right and filters by which you can search on the left.

3.) Visualize the type of marketing piece you would like to create. Does it include drag and drop properties? Does it include drag and drop articles or an editable message area? Start to think about what feature you would like for your marketing piece to include.

4.) Once you know what type of marketing piece you would like to create, you are ready to search by filters and choose a template. I believe the most helpful filters by which you can search are located below the “More” button (located at the bottom right corner of the “Select a Template” box).  Please click the “More” button and then slide the bars below each filter to the desired spot (it goes from no preference, to zero, one or more, etc.).

5.) As you slide the various filter bars, the templates that fit within your parameters display on the right.  Feel free to use your mouse to hover over the available template before you select it and see the list of its attributes. You can also preview the template layout to ensure that you would like to use the template before you start the creation process.


6.) When you've found your favorite template layout, please click directly on the template and you are ready to get started!

7.) On the left side of your page you will see various steps in which you can click through at anytime. What you will first be asked to do though, in most cases, is add in a subject line/title.  Remember, make it catchy and try and avoid “spammy”. When I say “spammy” I mean stay away from extreme CAPS LOCK, symbols ($$***) and excessive “!!!!!!”.

8.) Go through each step on the left in any order you wish. Please be mindful though of the amount of time that you spend on each step. I recommend clicking between steps or pressing “Save and Continue” every 20 minutes or so. This ensures that your work is saved and you won’t have to start from scratch.

Text Editor Box Basics

9.) If you come to a step in which you see a big red box with an arrow, this indicates that you need to drag and drop.

10.) On the second-to- last step of creating your marketing piece, please review it. Make sure that it looks great and you didn’t have any typo’s. An additional way to review your marketing pieces is by using our Inbox Preview. This will help to ensure that your marketing piece will render well in the inbox of various webmail providers. I recommend only choosing a maximum of 3 inbox previews at a single given time. If you choose a whole bunch the site might take forever to load. You will yell at your computer, say things you don’t mean, and it will get really awkward for you two for a while.


11.) After you’ve decided your marketing piece is a perfect, just absolutely HEAVEN, there are three different ways in which you can distribute your marketing piece: “Email,” “PDF,” and “Online.”

Email: In this distribution option, please click select email recipient. This takes you to a page in which you can drag and drop individual contacts or entire distribution lists into the recipient box, which is a red box with an arrow. Under the red arrow in the box, you will see your list of recipients. To remove a contact, select “remove” next to the contact.

PDF: PDF templates require special templates designed by your Marketing Director. This template is usually different than an email template because it is a specific size, includes only high-resolution images, and can have different more complicated designs than templates created just for email. After you create your marketing piece, click the distribute button on the left of your screen. You will then see a button that says Create Printable PDF. Please click that button and then select to either Download, Open, or Open in your Document Manager. If you want to print immediately, select the download option and then print.

Online: In this instance click the Publish Online button and a link will appear. This link is for your use. So, what you will need to do is copy the link (highlight the link and then click File>Copy) and then paste it into whatever online space you want. Whether it is Twitter, or Facebook, it is really up to you.  If at any time if you decide you want to “unpublish” this piece online, please just open up your marketing piece and click the “unpublish” button.


Congrats! You have distributed a marketing piece, and now just let the stats roll right in! If you distribute this piece via email you can track the progress of this piece on the “Dashboard”.


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    I don't see a PDF box?

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    How can I select different pictures to use from my MLS photos other than the ones downloaded to my Rezora piece?

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