How do I add an image?

There are two situations as a sales agent in which you may wish to add/upload your own image(s).

When you are creating or preparing to create a Marketing Piece that allows the inserting or replacing of images:

  • To add an image you must first add it into your image manager folder. To do this please hover your mouse over the My Account tab and select Images & Documents.
  • A new window will pop up, please click on the icon that says upload. From there you will be able to select your image and upload it into your image manager.
  • Then, once in your marketing piece - please click the icon in your WYSIWYG toolbar that looks like a photo with a mountain and a sun.
  • Your image manager will pop up, select your image and click insert


When you are Creating/Editing a Custom Listing:

  • Click the "Browse" button

  • Choose your image and then choose "Upload"
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