How do I enter a document into my marketing piece?

When you insert a document into a marketing piece it shows up as a link to your document. First, please go to the My Account tab and scroll down and click on Document Manager.  A new window will pop up, please click on a green plus sign icon that says upload. From there you will be able to select your document and upload it into your document manager.

Now you are ready to create your marketing piece with the link to your document. Please click the Marketing Materials tab and select a template. Then, when you are in your marketing piece, please type what you want to link to your document in the text box. So for example, "for more information click here". Please highlight your text. Then, click the icon in your WYSIWYG toolbar that looks like a link in a chain. This will bring up a new window. To the right of the first line click on the folder icon and select your document. The text you highlighted will now link to your document.

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