My Piece Just Sold! Why isn't it in Rezora?

Your Rezora piece just helped you sell another listing? CONGRATS!

But now you want to send an equally awesome piece to let your contacts know it’s off the market and you can’t find the listing?


What the (bleep) Rezora?!

Rezora can only show active listings in your account. That being said, we have a couple workarounds to market sold listings. Phew!

  • Create your marketing piece when this listing is still active. What I mean by this is if you have a listing that you know is about to sell, create a marketing piece, drag and drop this listing in, and select the option to finish the piece later (near the save and continue button). Once your listing is in the marketing piece, it will be saved and you can send the piece.

Okay, that may have been more useful to know before you were in this predicament. Luckily, there’s another option.

  • You can create what we call a custom listing. To create a custom listing, please go to the My Account tab, and click My Listings. This will bring you to a new page. Click the custom tab, and then the blue button that says, "create a new custom listing". Next, enter your property information and photos. This property will then be available for you to drag and drop into your marketing piece, on the step that says "add property listings". Please make sure that from the drop down menu in this step you change the selection from "residential" to "custom".

** Remember when entering information to EXCLUDE use of any special characters such as dollar signs ($) or commas (,). Rezora will automatically format these for you!

Now that you’ve got that down, get back to selling more of your listings without fear that contacts will inquire about that gem you just sold! 

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