How do I schedule a Marketing Piece?


1. Go to Marketing Materials > Reporting and Scheduling.

2. Click on the template title that you wish to SCHEDULE.

3. Add a Subject Line and Expiration Date.

4. Add a SEND DATE and SEND TIME. Click SAVE!

5. You are sending the marketing piece on behalf of your agents to their PRIMARY SPHERE distribution list.

6. This piece is now available to all agents if unrestricted. Agents can OPT OUT of the send if they do not want it to go their their Primary Sphere, or they can keep 0 contacts in their Primary Sphere distribution list.

* Only STATIC marketing pieces can be scheduled. To create a static marketing piece, head to your 'marketing pieces' page, then click 'create new marketing piece'. The end result of this process will give you a static marketing piece that you can then schedule.

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