What are Display Ads?

You’ve all seen them.  You’re searching for a new pumpkin cheesecake recipe and BAM, right on the side of the screen is a cute squishy pug that wants YOU to adopt him!  How did the brown-eyed-baker know that I was thinking about adopting a pug just yesterday? 

Is this a sign?


Or, is it Display Advertising with Retargeting?

Display Advertising has gone from random ads to highly individualized ads that can make your online shopping experience incredibly effortless.  Rezora is rolling out our amazing version of Display Advertising that like everything else at Rezora will have minimal effort for your marketing team and maximum results for your sales agents.

We will add ad code to your templates that will target recipients who open your emails!  Then, while searching the web, these recipients will see your beautiful display ads.  The goal of display advertising is to increase brand awareness, advertise an event, promote a service, or product, and drive traffic to your website or relevant website.

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