I'm a sales agent. Can I order a Custom Template?

Here is an overview of the process and cost/timing:

  1. The first thing to do is coordinate with your Marketing Lead (details below) to discuss and for them to confirm your custom template needs and whether they are a more wide-spread need within your Brokerage. In some cases, the Marketing Lead will handle some of the coordination with rezora to deliver the template you need. Minimally, they will give us approval to work together to develop the template.
  2. It may be helpful to start by reviewing the current templates available to you to see if there is anything close ("I would like this template BUT with a single property and an "editable" section in the middle to add my own messaging/links")

  3. If you are working with a designer (for other of your marketing piece needs) then we recommend working with that Designer to help with your template to keep your materials consistent. If you do not have a designer or your designer doesn't have some familiarly with the design of email/online - then we can refer you to designers we know.

  4. You/your designer would draft the design/layout of the piece and highlight any nuances (for example - should any property/properties featured in the piece be "drag and drop" from the MLS feed(s) attached to your account or which parts should be editable/changeable each time the template is used).

  5. The draft is submitted to our team, via your marketing team's admin account, for review and we will come back with questions/suggestions. Once we agree the design, a further 2 business days are required for us to develop and deliver the template to your rezora Instance (through your Marketing Lead).
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