Clearing your cache!

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As you go from site to site online, your browser will “cache” or store data to load those sites faster in the future.  Caches are used to speed up a process, so data doesn’t have to be fetched from it’s original location and saves time.


These are cute, little, baby files that websites put on your computer when you visit their site. Each cookie (or crumpet if you’re British) has an ID that is unique to you. It provides info to the site when you’ve returned. Cookies are not evil, even if you’re gluten free.  They often get a bad rap, because some do have personal data that could be exploited. 

Don’t fear cookies! Cookies can save you lots of time. Remember that time when you were ferociously hunting for black suede wedge winter boots at  You found 4 pairs that were all winners. You threw them in the online cart. Then suddenly, your boss walked by your computer and you closed your Zappos tab. {Insert work talk}. Finally, you’re home after a long day, and pour yourself a tall glass of Pinot Grigio. Sitting on your couch, you go back to and see your 4 perfect pairs of boots in the shopping cart!  Unfortunately with the clarity of a bit of wine, you realize they are not cute at all. But at least [thanks to cookies!] they were saved.

If these guys are so great – why the heck am I supposed to delete them???!!

If the site has changed (it happens a lot) then your browser has cached the old, bad version of the file. You won’t see the most recent updates!  A cache isn’t helpful if you need to load different images on the same site, or if you will never go back to that site. If you are experiencing issues on any site. Go ahead and clear your Internet history.  If you go straight to chat with a Rezora customer support person, they’ll probably tell you to try and clear your cache or try another browser.   Clearing your cookies will remove all those pesky trackers that you’ve amassed but don’t need.

It’s IMPERATIVE for your quality of work online, work speed, search privacy, and perhaps your marriage to regularly clear your browser’s cache and cookies.'s-Cache

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