How can I learn more about rezora?

There are a variety of online options to answer questions:

*You can view our new "Resources" page and find How To Guides, Best Practices, Training Videos, and sign up for our upcoming webinars.
* You can review the "Learning Center" once you've logged into your account (it is the menu item on the furthest left) which provides videos on many topics within rezora
* You can use the "Quick Tour" tab on a number of the site pages (it is a yellow tab that appears on the far right edge of you screen when you are logged into rezora and on a page where a "Tour" is available),
* There is an online "Knowledge Base" at where you can look up common questions,
* You can use the "Help" tab on the far left edge of the screen within rezora to either chat with a live agent (from 11am - 7pm EDT) or leave us a support questions via email to be answered the next time our customer support team is online.

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