Why are my emails going to SPAM?

Do you know anyone who has been arrested or fined for breaking the Federal CAN-SPAM Act?

Probably not – neither do we. Thankfully thus far we’ve encountered no one who is intentionally breaking the rules. The penalties associated with CAN-SPAM non-compliance can be severe – regardless of whether there was intent or ignorance.

That said, the much more common scenario is that your email may be PERCEIVED as SPAM by your recipients, by an email service provider (like Google or AOL) or individual companies (like Acme Real Estate or McMann and Tate, Inc.). This perception can lead to your account being blocked from sending any more email to that person, provider or company. In fact, it can result in no one from your company being able to send email to that person, provider or company!

So, how do you avoid this “perception”? Ideally there would be a simple checklist but like with other problems of “perception” it is dependent on the one doing the perceiving and so there is no single set of rules.

There are, of course, plenty of articles one can read on the topic (I will refer to a few below).

The heart of the matter, however, is simply this – whomever you are emailing in a marketing/commercial capacity should

(a) Recognize who you are, and

(b) That they, in some manner, gave you (or your company) permission to email them.

Rezora has helped sales and marketing people send tens of millions of emails over the past year. We, fortunately, do not have to spend too much time managing issues around our users being reported as Spammers but it does come up.

When we do get reports that a user is causing Spam related problems – it is almost always because the user does not realize the above simple rules. We do find situations where someone believes that they have acquired a list of recipients who have “given permission” to be emailed OR they somehow access a list of people in their industry or social circles and assume that if they can see their email address that this gives them permission to mass market to them.

Rezora has an excellent reputation in the industry and as such we investigate every case of spam officially reported to us. We are able to work with users on honest mistakes but repeat offenders or those who don’t respond to our inquiries are subject to termination of their accounts.

If you are unsure of the “validity” of your recipient list – you are always welcome to contact our support team for advice.

Remember – the most basic rule is “will they recognize me and they, in some way, gave me or my company permission to market to them”.

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