How do I sign in to rezora?


We now have a universal signin page! Please head over here to login to your account:

Remember that your username is your email address. 

A couple things to also keep in mind, or other things to give a shot if you hit a wall:

  • Clear your cache/cookies
  • Make sure to sign out of any other rezora accounts that may have been opened on that specific computer. Closing the browser without logging out can sometimes cause the issue you are seeing.
  • If there are still issues, try a different web browser.
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    Lana Sanders

    Why am I getting this message every time I try to login? My brokerage administrator has no idea how nor why I have to reinstate it. Nor what to do about it? I want to call the account which I have never used and would like a refund since I haven’t been able to login for months!
    “This account has been deactivated at the request of your brokerage. Please contact your administrator for more information or to have your account reinstated.”

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