I forgot my password?

Don't worry! We all forget our passwords!

1. Click on the forgot password link on the home page. Don't see it? Make sure that your URL says OR

2. When you click on that link - the email is going to your username email address. Check that inbox to find your email from rezora with your new password! NOTE: Check your spam/ junk folder for your email with your password, and it could take a few minutes to get there!

How to sign in:

You can ask your marketing team for help or for the specific sign in URL. 

Remember that your username is your email address. 

A couple things to also keep in mind, or other things to give a shot if you hit a wall.

*Clear your cache
*Make sure to sign out of any other rezora accounts that may have been opened on that specific computer. Closing the browser without logging out can sometimes cause the issue you are seeing.
*If there are still issues, try a different web browser.
*Lastly, try typing in the URL manually, make sure to include https://


How Do I Change My Password? 

Go to My Account > My Account & Profile Settings

Under Your Account Information, click change password.  Type your current password as current password and pick a new one! Click Save. 

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