How do I schedule a marketing piece?

Agents are able to schedule a marketing piece to go out in the future. These are separate from company scheduled marketing pieces. While company scheduled pieces go strictly to your Primary Sphere, your scheduled send can be sent to any contacts and distribution lists you would like.

On the Distribute step of creating a marketing piece, click Select Email Recipients.

Drag over any contacts and/or distribution lists to the Recipients section as you normally would. There must be at least one recipient to schedule the email.

Once you are finished adding all recipients, click Schedule for Later - near the top, to the right of the Send Now button.



You can choose the date and time for the email to be sent. Click in the date field and a calendar will pop up for you to select a date within.

Then, select the time. NOTE: the time here will reflect the time zone in which your company is located.

Click Continue, and your email has been scheduled.

The recipients list is final. Adding contacts to a distribution list will not add them to this send. You will need to cancel the send to make any changes.



Additional information:

To review the recipients, or to cancel/edit the send, go to your Marketing Pieces page. You will see the scheduled send while on the 'Scheduled' tab.

Click the number under Recipients to see a list of the contacts selected for the scheduled send.




If you need to edit either the marketing piece itself, or change the list of recipients, click Cancel. You will be asked to confirm the cancellation. Cancelling the send will return the marketing piece to your "Started Marketing Pieces". You will not lose any progress you had made within the marketing piece, and you can pick up right where you left off before scheduling the piece.

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