How do I post my marketing piece to Facebook and other social media sites?


You can share your marketing piece online from the final, 'Distribute' step of creating your marketing piece. From that step, click 'Share on Social Media' to get started.


You'll first see a new dialogue box that will allow you to add some details to your post, as well as choosing the photo that will appear along with the post. Once you've saved your changes here, click 'Step 2: Share' to continue to the next step.

From there, you'll have the option to share your marketing piece on various different social media sites. Choose the one you'd like to share on, and you can then finalize the post -- this process differs a bit for each site.

If you have trouble finalizing the post, please make sure your browser is allowing popups for the rezora site.

One quick closing note: rezora will automatically generate an online link for your marketing piece. This link is also used for the social media post created with the above steps. If you click Disable Link, then anywhere you've published the piece, including facebook, will lead to a page that will say "This marketing piece is not publicly viewable." So, please avoid clicking Disable Link if you wish for your posts to continue to link to your marketing piece.


Of course, if anything should go wrong and you would like the post removed, you can always log in to your social media account and delete the post manually.

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