What does “Allow Login Access” mean? Or, How can I let my Marketing Manager access my Account?

For marketing teams who have made the decision to participate, agents now have the ability to opt-in to a feature allowing their Marketing Manager to log in to their account without having to share their login credentials. This is completely optional, and the agent is in total control over whether or not this access is granted.

You can find this feature on the Account & Profile Settings page at the bottom right, under Allow Login Access. Simply check the box next to Allow Marketer Access.


Opting into this feature will allow your Marketing Manager to directly access your account. They will have access to your complete contact list, marketing history, and billing history, but they will not have access to your credit card information if that is stored on your account.


Just as easily as you can opt-in to this feature--should you decide to revoke access--you can opt-out by unchecking the box next to Allow Marketer Access.

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