How do I tweet my marketing piece?

The Share on Twitter button will allow you to post a marketing piece directly to your Twitter. You can find this button on the Distribute step of creating a marketing piece.

Click Share on Twitter.

One quick note at this step: rezora will automatically generate a link for you to copy and paste elsewhere (i.e. Facebook, your blog). This link is also used for the Twitter post. If you click Disable Link, then anywhere you've published the piece, including Twitter, will lead to a page that will say "This marketing piece is not publicly viewable." So, do not disable the link if you wish for your tweets/posts to continue to link to your marketing piece. Seen below:


The first box will allow to you select a thumbnail, title, and description for the tweet.



Click Post to Twitter and you will be prompted to sign in to Twitter if you have not already done so.

The last step will allow you to add an additional comment, and customize your Twitter post.

Click Tweet and it will be posted.

Of course, if anything should go wrong and you would like the post removed from your Twitter feed, you can always log in to Twitter and delete the tweet.

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