How to export contacts from your Salesforce account

These instructions will provide information about exporting contacts from into a .csv (Comma Separated Value) file that can be saved locally on your computer.

Step 1: Run a Report

  • Click on the Reports tab on the top menu
  • Click on the Mailing List link
  • On Step 1: Select your report type, select Tabular Report click Next
  • On Step 2: Select the report columns, choose the columns you want to export and click Next
  • On Step 3: Select the information to summarize, click Next
  • On Step 4: Order the report columns, click Next
  • On Step 5: Select your report criteria to include the contact fields you want
  • When you are done, click Run Report
  • A report will be generated, and the page should display Report Generation Status: Complete


Step 2: Export Contacts

  • On Export Report:, for Export File Format:, choose Comma Delimited .CSV
  • Click Export
  • A dialog will pop up for you to save the export file to your computer
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