Agent Profile Photo fuzzy? Blurry? Bad?

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The short version:

  1. Make a copy of the original image and use an image processing tool (like Adobe Photoshop or a website like to crop/resize the image to 100 pixels wide x127 pixels tall (it can be somewhat larger but it would be best to minimally use this aspect ratio).

    90+% of the time - this is enough to improve the image quality for use in rezora, BUT if your image is still not acceptable then move on to step 2.

  2. Use a "sharpen" filter/effect in the image processing tool to "sharpen" the image - some tools allow you to vary the degree/way the image is sharpened and you can experiment with those settings to try to get the best looking image possible.

The Background:

Whatever size image you upload, rezora will generally display the image at a size of 100 pixels wide (for email, online and social). The exceptions are if your marketing team has designed templates with larger than 100px wide profile photos, or if you are using rezora to create higher quality print (Adobe Acrobat / PDF ) pieces where you'd want something perhaps 4x that size (400 pixels x 508 pixels).

Chances are that you are uploading a profile image that is both a different "shape" and much larger than 100 x 127 (or even the 400 pixels x 508). When the image is rendered on screen your browser/email client crams all of that image information into the smaller display size and this introduces unwanted "artifacts" in the image. In many cases - they are acceptable (i.e. the image looks good enough!) but depending on the image, it may appear unacceptably distorted, blurry or clouded.

Resizing the image with an image processing tool has its own potential for introducing artifacts BUT you are in better control of the outcome to mitigate the impact.

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