I'm using a Custom Listing, but the images are wrong in the marketing piece!


There are potentially a few different things that can cause this, so let's go through them one by one.

  1. First is to ensure the images are saved properly on the Custom Listing. Always remember to click 'Save Order', and then finally 'Save Listing' at the bottom, when making changes to a Custom Listing. If you pull up the Custom Listing and the images look right, proceed to step two:

  2. Next is to make certain that you're using the Custom Listing, rather than the one from the feed. On the 'Add Property Listings' step, make sure to change the Listing Type from Residential to Custom and click 'Find'. Then drag in the appropriate Custom Listing. If that's good, proceed to the last step:

  3. If both of those are good, then the issue is likely a Cache related one, where your browser is trying to remember the old images incorrectly. Easy enough to fix! Check out this article on clearing your cache: Clearing your cache!
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