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We want to make sure that you have all that you need to succeed with rezora! 
Resources page: This page has How To’s, Best Practices, Training Videos, Links to our Upcoming Webinars and more. Bookmark this baby if you haven’t already. 

Recorded Webinars: These are for marketers and agents. They are updated regularly. 

Support: Click on the green help tab to live chat with us between 9-5pm MST Mon- Fri. You can email for support. Marketer emails are a priority over agent emails. 


Knowledge Base: Everything that you could think to ask us is probably in here! But, for everything else, there is a chat box on the left side of every page in the knowledge base. 

rezora Blog: Join 200 fellow marketers in receiving tips, updates and best practices from the rezora blog. 

Request New Features: Share your best ideas with the rezora product team! Submit that outstanding idea you had in the shower this morning or vote on other’s ideas. Who knows, your idea could be part of our next big release!

Subscribe for technical Status Updates! Adding your cell phone number will allow you to receive a text message for major technical updates. 

Getting Started Video (3 minutes) for New Agents!

What is Display Ad Retargeting Video (1 minute) for agents and marketers. 

Concierge Marketing Services: Let rezora do the work for a listing. 

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