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rezora and Contactually have partnered to bring you an integration between the two platforms for contact synchronization. Contactually is a robust and intuitive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. It makes the management of your contacts easy, and also provides appropriate follow-up reminders for you. As a result of this, contacts within rezora that are Contactually-based contacts are unable to be edited, and you are unable to create new Contactually contacts within rezora. 

 Check out Contactually here. 

What is possible? 

  1. Syncing of contacts from Contactually to rezora 
  2. Contacts must have a valid email address to be synced to rezora 
  3. Contacts that are on an unsubscribe list or bounce list will NOT be synced to rezora 
  4. Emails sent from rezora logging as interactions within Contactually 
  5. The timer within Contactually is reset as a result of an email being sent to a contact from rezora 
  6. You can see the subject line of the email that was sent from rezora 
  7. rezora emails are designated with [rezora] at the beginning of the subject line
  8. Contacts (and buckets) autosync each night and can be synced manually
  9. Your My Imports page shows a report of the number of contacts that were imported and any that weren't imported and why



 Initial syncing of accounts (one-time process) 

  1. Log into your Contactually account 
  2. On a separate tab, log into your rezora account 
  3. Within a sales agent account in rezora, go to the Profile Menu (your name at the top right of the page) and then ‘Apps and Integrations’ 
  4. Click ‘Create Token” 
  5. Click ‘Authorize App’ 
  6. Click ‘Create Token’ 
  7. You should see a confirmation at the top of the screen stating it was successful. If not, please contact 




Contact Synchronization 

  1. From your sales agent account within rezora, click the ‘Contacts’ tab 
  2. Click the ‘Options’ drop down, and then ‘Contactually sync contacts’ 
  3. Choose overwrite or keep existing – we strongly recommend overwriting contacts, since you will now be using Contactually to manage your contacts. 
  4. Wait for processing to finish by getting an email in your inbox 
  5. Use the contacts as you normally would in rezora (sending emails, scheduling emails, creating distribution lists, etc.) 
  6. NOTE – you are not able to create Contactually contacts, or update anything in a Contactually contact within rezora. All changes must occur within Contactually. 


  1. The autosync occurs once a day (overnight for now) and any immediate changes that need to be made will need to be done in Contactually and then synced over to rezora using the manual drop-down. 
  2. We apply our same contact / email address checks to these imports as we do for standard contact creation or imports through rezora. Some common reasons for missing contacts could be that the email address is invalid, the contact has unsubscribed or bounced in the past, or simply there isn’t an email address on the contact in Contactually. 
  3. Contacts and buckets synced from Contactually are not editable inside rezora.

How Do I Disconnect My Contactually Account?

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