Quick Start: Listings

If your brokerage is set up to send us listings through an MLS, your active listings will load right into your account.
You can view your active listings by hovering over the Profile menu at the top right of the rezora app, and choosing My Listings.
To view your listings in a marketing piece, go to the Add Property Listings step and watch them load in on the left side of the page.
Your MLS Agent ID
Ever wonder how we get your listings into your account? Your MLS Agent ID is the key.
Make sure that your MLS Agent ID is entered in MLS Agent IDs box on the of your My Listings page.
Not sure what your ID is? Check out this article:
Drag and Drop Listings
There is no simpler way to add your MLS listing to a marketing piece than with Drag and Drop Listings
To add a listing to a marketing piece, simply click on the Add Property Listings step, select the listing you want to add, then click, drag and drop it into the red listing box.
Selecting Photos
You can select the exact photo that you want to lead off your awesome new marketing piece.
You've selected a template and added your listings, but you don't want to lead off with THAT photo. No problem! You can select the perfect photo for any spot on your marketing piece. 

Custom Listing
Custom Listings allow you to create a listing independent from your MLS. This allows you to market pocket listings or listings that have been removed from your MLS.
Custom listings are created and managed on the Custom tab on the My Listings page. 
To edit a custom listing click on the Options box under the listing and select Edit Listing
Custom Copy
Custom Copies are Custom Listings generated by copying a listing from your MLS. This option is great for marketing price changes or adding new images quickly!
To create a Custom Copy go to the My Listings page, find the listing you wish to copy, click the Options button, and select Create Custom Copy. Custom Copies are similarly managed on the Custom tab of the My Listings page.
Missing Listings
Is your listings missing from your My Listings page or the Add Property Listings step? Check these articles!
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