Quick Start: Creating a Marketing Piece

Marketing Pieces

Marketing Materials are distributed from your account through the use of Marketing Pieces.
You can create a new Marketing Piece by clicking Create New Marketing Piece from your Marketing Materials page.
Creating a Marketing Piece
All the content you create will be done through using a marketing piece. Marketing pieces are created from templates provided by your marketing team.
Putting It Together
Types of Editable Content
Marketing pieces are created from templates that your company provides. Templates may have editable content that you can make your own.

While selecting a template, you can choose to find one that has an editable message area, or drag and drop listings, so you can add your own custom content, or drop in one of your listings.
Adding Custom Content
Templates come in all shapes and sizes! Some may have both an editable message area and drag and drop listings, some may have neither, and everywhere in between. These settings are put in place by your marketing team as they design the template.
Sharing Your Marketing Piece
While creating your marketing piece you'll naturally find your way to the Select Email Recipients step. From there, drag your distribution list up into the Recipients box, and Send away!
You can also share your marketing piece online on various social media platforms, or directly through an Online Link. The Online link, as well as the built-in Share on Social Media options can be found from the Distribute step of creating your marketing piece.
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