Quick Start: Templates for Agents

What is a template?
A template is the foundation of a marketing piece. They dictate what content can fit where, and set style guidelines for your marketing piece.
Every marketing piece starts with a template. To view the templates available to you go to the Marketing Materials page and click Create New Marketing Piece.
This begins the marketing piece creation process. For more information on how to create a marketing piece, check out this article: Quick Start: Create a Marketing Piece
Template options
Templates are created and curated by your marketing team. You can thank them for providing you with so many awesome options!
The left side of the Select A Template screen gives you many different filtering options in order to ensure that you have just the right template for the occasion.
Any selections you make on the left will narrow down the template options in the Available Templates box.
The "Select A Template" Page
Think of the perfect piece for your new listing. How are you showing it off to your contacts? Via email? On you social media pages? On a printed flyer? While they're browsing the internet? This is your home for those options.
There are four different options in the Format: Email, PDF, Online, and Display Ad. While some templates may fit a few of these formats, no template will work for all formats.

Checking the box next to a Format type will narrow down the list of templates in the Available Templates box on the right side of the page.
Format Types
Many times Email and Online templates are one in the same. Clicking both will allow you to share the same marketing piece through email and on Facebook or other social media accounts.
Email - Sending an email to your contacts in rezora? Check this box!

PDF - Printing out flyers for your Open House or other event? Check this box!

Online - Sharing your piece on social media? Check this box!

Display Ad - Creating ads for you Display Ad Retargeting subscription? Check this box!
Some kind soul in your marketing team has spent time organizing the templates available to you into groups called Categories. Use these categories to find the perfect template in a snap!
Underneath the Format section you will find a section titled CategoriesCategories are template groups that have been organized by your marketing team.

Categories usually have a common theme based on use, creation date, or design. Take some time to explore the categories that have been provided to you. You may find some templates that you never knew you had access to!
Feature Filters
When you are looking for a template that has Drag & Drop Property Listings or an Editable Message area, the Feature Filters will help you find a template that matches your needs!
The Feature Filters are sliders that allow you fine tune your search to provide you with the template that gives you everything that you need. 
These filters are set to No Preference by default, but you can slide them around to find the templates that have the number of editable features that fit your needs (such as setting Drag And Drop listings to 3 or more). Keep in mind each template can have no more than one editable message area.
Feature Filters, cont.
Not sure exactly what features you are looking for? Here is a breakdown of the feature filters and what they can be used for!
Editable Message Areas: Add your own custom content to a piece using this feature. Check out our Sales Agent II webinar here for more info.

Editable Headlines: Customize your marketing piece headlines with this feature. 

Drag & Drop Property Listings
: Drop your MLS listings right into your marketing piece with this feature!

Drag & Drop Articles: Share local, national or custom news articles with your contacts. For more on Drag & Drop Articles, click here.
Templates Search Box
Remember the name of that great template you used a while back? Another agent share the template they used for their outstanding piece? Use this feature to search for the title!
The search bar at the top of the Available Templates box allows you to search for a marketing piece using the title. Simply type in a keyword or part of a title, then click the magnifying glass to search!
Looking for a template with special properties like an editable footer, blank body section, or special integration? Search here using keywords like "Footer," "Blank," or "WellcomeMat" to find exactly what you need.
To clear out your previous search, delete everything out of the search box and click the magnifying glass again!
Selecting the Template
Previewing the Template
You have narrowed down the list of templates to the exact features that you need, but now you need to pick the template that best matches the perfect marketing piece that you have envisioned. Preview the template to get a good look!
To Preview a template, click the word "Preview" right below the thumbnail of the template.

In the Preview feature, you can also look for specific features that you want in a header or a footer. Want your social media info to appear? Look for the Icons. Do you want your mobile number on the final marketing piece? Check the preview to see if it appears.
Final Selection
You've done it! You picked the right format, filtered for the features that you want, and Previewed the templates to find the perfect match. The rest is up to you. Jump in, add your content and make the piece yours!
To create a piece using the template, click on the thumbnail image of the template. This will bring you into the marketing piece creation process. 
Now you are ready to create your marketing piece. Check out our Quick Start: Create a Marketing Piece article for more info on what is next!
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