How do I add additional fonts for my team as an admin?

This step-by-step document will show you how to add Google Fonts to rezora, allowing you to use these fonts within templates and marketing pieces.

Start by being logged in as a company or group admin. Navigate to the account menu on the upper left portion of the screen, and click "fonts" when the drop-down appears.



This page is where you manage your Google Fonts. You can add new fonts and remove the ones you have previously added.


To add a new font, click the 'Add New Font' Button.

A dialog appears. This is where you will copy and paste the Google Font into.



To get a Google Font, go to and search for the font that closely resembles your brand's standard. More information on selecting which specific font to use can be found here. Once you find a font you wish to use in a rezora marketing piece, click the red plus button.




A dialog appears on the bottom of the page showing you selected a font. You can select one or more fonts to be added to rezora at a time. Click the 'Family Selected' text to expand the menu.



Once the menu is expanded, notice the "Embed Font" section. Copy the text (HTML code) that starts with '<link href=' and paste it into the dialog box from rezora called 'Add New Font'.


If the import of the font was successful, you should see a confirmation box.


Congratulations! You can now use that Google Font within rezora's template builder and for the creation of marketing pieces.

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