What is your Anti-Spam policy?

Our full Anti-Spam policy can be found here:

However we understand that the legal jargon can be a bit of a slog to get through. In this article here we will try to detail our policies in more simple to understand context, and share some of the reasoning behind such a strict policy.


In support, we often get the following question from our users:

"Can I use a bought or skimmed list in rezora?"

The answer: You cannot -- While CANSPAM is a bit grey on consent for emails, we have adopted a stricter policy. We require all contacts in your account to have explicitly given permission to be emailed by you. A list that you have bought or skimmed from an online source, registry, etc, does not fit this requirement. If we discover your account is using a bought or skimmed list, your account may be subject to termination.

The reason we take this approach is multifaceted, however one of the largest reasons is to preserve our system's high level of deliverability. A contact that has not opted in to your emails is more likely to report your email as spam, and a contact that was bought or skimmed is far more likely to bounce due to being invalid, or worse, is a spam-trap waiting to flag your email address as a known spammer. Any of these instances can have a negative impact on our sending servers' reputation, as well as your own, and even your brokerage as a whole. At any level, this causes risks for being placed on a block-list, causing large numbers of emails to fail to deliver.


On the whole, if you can answer in the affirmative for the following five points, your contacts and practices are very likely compliant:

  • I have explicit permission from each contact to be included in my list.
  • I am not providing any sensitive personal information relating to contacts in my list.
  • My contacts are provided a way to be opted out of my lists.
  • If requested by a contact, I am able to provide each contact with all of the data I have on them, I have the ability to remove said data, and I agree to do so.
  • I acknowledge that I have read rezora’s (i) Terms of Service, (ii) Privacy Policy, and (iii) Anti-Spam Policy, I confirm that I understand them, and I agree to by bound by and act in accordance with their terms and conditions.

If you have any questions about the compliance and validity of your contacts, please don't hesitate to ask us for some insight at

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