Keeping your account secure.

At rezora we understand that your data and contacts are your lifeblood in your business. We take many steps to make sure your account is kept secure, and ensure that data from your account is shared with only you as the account owner. There are also many steps you can take yourself to make your account more secure:

  • Use a strong password: There are many realms of thought for this, but here are some tips to keep in mind:
    - Use a password that is at least 12 characters long.
    - Use a mix of numbers, letters (lower case and upper case) and special characters
    - Consider using a long string of meaningless characters, OR a long pass phrase that may be easier to remember, but also would not be guessed by others.

  • Use a password that is not used in any other systems you login to. If someone breaks into another account you own, and you use this password elsewhere, your other accounts may also then be compromised.

  • Be wary of phishing attacks:
    - Be careful when clicking links asking you to login, as a phishing attack may share a link with you asking you to login, or change information -- in fact, this site where you are "logging in" could be a site setup to steal your information. For logging into rezora, we recommend bookmarking and logging in from here:

  • Don't share your password with anyone!
    - Yes that includes rezora. We will *NEVER* ask you for your password. If you ever encounter someone claiming to be with rezora asking for your password, please report it to us at right away.
    - If you need to give your marketer access to your account, instead of giving them your password, consider enabling the 'allow marketer access' option within your account: How to give my marketer access to my account.
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