Can you transfer my contacts from one account to another?

Say you've changed brokerages and your new brokerage also uses rezora -- we think that's great! And we'd love to continue being your primary digital marketing platform with your new team. We understand the transition can be a lot of work, and from the rezora side we're eager to help you as much as possible in getting your new account up and running.

However, in alignment with our privacy policy, we are not able to transfer your contacts directly from one account to another. We take account security extremely seriously around here, and we have very strict policies in place to make you, and only you, have access to your data and contacts. From the rezora side -- we are only able to share contacts with the owner of the account, through the email address on the account. Per your request, we are more than happy to export those and share them with you via email (at the email address that is on your account). We cannot however transfer these over to your new account. Reason being: we simply are not able to confirm the new account belongs to the same individual.

In the world we live in today it is unfortunately far too easy to spoof an email address and act as someone you're not on the internet. If asked us to move their contacts over to an account under -- we simply have no way of telling that these are the same individual, and as such, could not transfer any data between the two accounts. While we'd love to help ease this transition, there is simply far too much risk and uncertainty to perform a data transfer such as this. We take this stance to preserve the highest possible level of security for you, your data, and your contacts.

The preferred method would rest these responsibilities on yourself as the account owner. You will be responsible for first exporting your contacts from your old account, and then importing them directly into your new account. With this method, the contacts never change hands with anyone but yourself -- we see this as by far the safest method with regards to preserving the security of your contacts and data.

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