Agent Migration

When rezora migrates a group of agent accounts from one company to another, both companies must be in the same brand and have the same billing structure. All agent migrations must be approved by rezora. 

  • rezora engineers move the agent account from one company to another. All rezora users can log in here:

    What stays the same? 
  • Login information username and password
  • Billing history
  • Contacts 
  • Integrations
  • Distribution Lists
  • Dashboard information
  • Previously sent marketing pieces and stats
  • Profile information
  • Settings

What changes? 

  • Copy Link: In the new system, agents can copy sent pieces. However, they cannot copy pieces that they sent before the migration. The reason completed pieces cannot be copied is because the original template is still in the old system. Agents can still SEE the piece that was sent but no longer have the option to copy, edit and resend. 
  • Started Marketing Pieces: In the new system, agents lose the pieces that they started but didn't complete or send yet. The reason started pieces cannot be migrated over is because the original template is still in the old system. 

    The best way to move forward is to create a new piece and send it or 'mark as completed'. This way you have a new sent piece to copy! :) Click on the green help tab if you want to live chat with us for help. 
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