Agent Account Migration FAQ

Your company has a new rezora system waiting for you!  In order for you to be a part of it, your rezora account needs to be migrated  -- here's what you need to know:


Q. Why does my account need to be migrated?

A. Your company has a special system, with special settings and content.  In order to remain a part of your company system, your account will be migrated to it so that they can provide you with assistance and custom template content.


Q. What parts of my account will stay the same after the migration?

A. Most of them!  Your account profile info, your contacts, and distribution lists - these will all carry over.


Q. What parts of my account will change after the migration?

A. Most of your analytics will be "reset".

  • Scheduled and started marketing pieces will no longer be available. 
  • Any marketing pieces you have scheduled at the time of migration will not be sent.
  • Previously completed marketing pieces will no longer have a "Copy" link.


Q. What should I do before my account is migrated?

A. Very often you won't need to do anything, but there are a few things that can be helpful:

  • Preserve any analytics data you'd like to refer to later.  When your account is migrated, historical data associated with your sends won't be copied over, so export any reports that you'd like to keep.  You can export reports for certain marketing pieces, important contacts, notable listings, and even your entire account from the Dashboard.
  • If you have any started marketing pieces, consider sending them before the migration (to avoid losing your progress).  Or, if your marketing piece includes your own design in an editable message area, you can also save your design on your computer by copying the Source Code (See here)
  • If you have any marketing pieces that are scheduled to send in the future, we recommend taking a quick screenshot of them, so that you can schedule them again after the migration.



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