Add Contacts to a List

There are a few ways that you can add your contacts to a list in rezora!

1. Importing contacts - import your contacts using a csv file:

Import my contacts from a file


2. From the Contact page

When editing a contact, (Edit a contact), there is a "LISTS" area on the right.  You can add the contact to any "normal" list by checking the checkbox next to it.



3. From the Contacts page (multi-select)

On the Contacts page, click the checkboxes next to the contacts you want to add to a list.  A multi-select menu will appear at the bottom of the page -- once you've selected your contacts, click the "Assign to List" option":


An "Assign Contacts to Lists" popup will appear -- check the distribution lists that you'd like to add these contacts to, and when finished click "Assign":



4. From the Distribution List page

When viewing a Distribution List, click the "Add contacts" button at the top of the page:


On the popup, select the contacts you would like to add to the list, and click "Save":



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