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In this video, we'll discuss creating and managing Groups, which will help you manage groups of agents as a whole more effectively.




Hi there, Logan here with record support, in this video, we'll be discussing groups, which are groups of agents created from your admin account that will help you manage those groups as a whole more effectively. This will be done from under 'Agents' > 'Groups' > 'Manage Agent Access.' And here we'll see our groups on the right-hand side and our agents on the left-hand side.

We'll see that this system already has a handful of groups created here, but let's go ahead and create a new one so we can see what that process will look like. We'll click 'New' here. I'm going to name this one "Test". As needed we can give it a description, and optionally we can enable this 'Private Enrollment', which will either allow or disallow agents to enroll in the group themselves. If we want to make sure that only we can add folks to this group, we'd want to make sure this option is 'checked'.

Once that group is created, we can head back to the Manage Agent Access page, and on the right-hand side, we'll see our Test here. We can start adding agents to it individually, or if for whatever reason we need to, we can add all agents to this group as well, with this 'add to group' button, 'add all... in this case, 6 agents.''

One of the ways groups are used is for Template access. Let's head over to the Templates page, and select one of our active templates. And under the Access restrictions box here we'll see some options for admitting access to this template. Currently, access has been granted to every agent and every group, however, let's select 'Access granted to selected groups and agents only'. We'll go ahead and save our changes, and then we see these new options for managing access to the groups, or agents individually. Let's check out the 'Manage access to Groups' page.

Here we'll see the access to the template listed on the right, along with our groups listed here on the left side. Now I had created that Test group, which we can also search for if needed, so let's go ahead and drag that over to the template on the right, and now every agent in that test group has been granted access to this template. Keep in mind that this is always updating, so if more agents were added to this group later, or removed, that would update the access to the template.

Another way groups are used is to track their metrics and their performance. If we head under Agents > Groups > Group Reporting, we'll see a report of the group's performance as a whole, with things like Open Rate, Click Rate, etc.

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