Listing Automation for agents

Listing Automation is a great way to quickly put together a ready-to-send marketing piece based on one of your listings. A listing automation can be initiated in one of two ways:

  1. From a notification email about a new listing, sold listing (where available), or a price change.
    If you have an agent ID added on your My Listings page, and the option to "Notify of Changes" is selected, you will receive an email at the address on your account anytime we receive an update to one of your listings. These notifications will notify you of a new listing, a sold listing (where available) or a price change. Within that notification will be an option to market that listing -- selecting it will initiate a Listing Automation for that listing.


  2. A Listing Automation can also be initiated from your My Listings page, by clicking 'options' next to the listing, and selecting 'market this listing'.


Once a Listing Automation is initiated, you will select the types of materials you'd like to create for that listing. The most common will be "Email/social", and this will create a ready-to-send marketing piece.

Note: There may be additional options for print/PDF pieces, or creating a retargeting campaign. These additional options may not be available for all users.

Once your selections are made, press 'continue' and you'll be directed to the marketing piece[s] based on the selections you chose.

For an email piece, you'll be directed straight to the distribute step of a ready-to-send marketing piece, using a template that has been designated by your rezora admin (a member of your marketing team). While this piece should be fully ready to send, you can also back up to the various edit steps (add general content, add property listings) to customize the piece as needed.

Once your piece is ready to send, proceed as normal to send it out.

If your Listing Automation involved an email piece that you have sent, it will land in your Completed Marketing Pieces section on your "Marketing Materials" page just as any other standard marketing piece would.

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