Setting Up Listing Automation - for Admins

With Listing Automation you can help your agents streamline the process of creating a ready-to-send marketing piece from one of their listings using a template of your choosing. 

Please see this article here for information on how this works from an agent's account: Listing Automation For Agents

For a greater breakdown of this feature, please see this article: Guide to Listing Automation Templates

There are three main automation types for listing automation: New Listing, Price Change, and Just Sold (Sold data may or may not be available depending on your listing feed).

Within your admin account you can setup the default templates that are associated with each category. To find this page, hover over your Account menu at the top right, and select 'Marketing Automation'.


Here you will select the category you wish to setup, and at minimum you should provide an 'Email/Social' template option. You can also add options for a print (PDF) template, as well as options for display ad retargeting templates.


For any of the options you will need to fill in the Template ID. We have a great guide for how to locate this ID here:

Once your template ID is added, make sure to save your changes before moving on to the next automation type.

NOTE: For every template that is added, please make sure it has at least one drag and drop listing spot, and is also given a default subject line -- on the agent side, this default subject line *can* be changed, but the subject should stand well on its own if the agent does not change it.

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